Justyna Jastrzębska-Piotrowska

“When startups
need to master growth,
they knock on my door.

Using the Silicon Valley playbook and 12 years of experience I help startups around the world accelerate company growth by building a scalable and repeatable marketing function through a systematic approach to thinking, problem-solving, and acting on growth initiatives. All this enables them to reach their next round of funding faster.

Attending companies achieved exponential growth, expanded their business to new countries and most of all secured their next round of funding ranging from $1 million to $20 million dollars.

My clients include:

Red Doorz, Bukalapak, StoreHub,
Apple Crumby & Fish, Your Super Foods, iMoney,
HelloGold, HappyFresh and CottonInk

just to name a few.  

“I worked with over 500
amazing startup teams
from all over the world.”

My digital marketing journey

It all started at Mindvalley, a world-wide publishing company, where I served as Senior Partner, being in charge of developing multi-million dollars online marketing strategies and setting up business automation, both of which are still being used today.

Next I’ve joined the biggest venture capital in the world with a headquarter in San Francisco that till today have invested in over 2200 startups worldwide.

Over the years I have led eight accelerator programs called Series A Program in Singapore and Malaysia.

I worked with over 500 amazing startup teams from all over the world, including countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Russia, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

I work very closely with Google and Facebook to learn about  their new tools as well as market trends and behaviours based on the advertising data gathered by them.

In the meantime I have co-founded a boutique agency that specialises in setting up digital foundation in terms of  marketing, advertising, analytics and reporting for e-commerce startups.

Client fit
is a very important factor.

I will enable you with a set of actionable frameworks that you can apply to your own business and product to build a winning strategy. By the end of our collaboration you will have a comprehensive foundation that you can apply to almost any B2C or B2B company.

I select companies I work with based on the following criteria:

  • You are searching for high-level and actionable strategies and frameworks
  • Your post seed stage startup is transitioning, or has recently transitioned into the growth stage
  • Your goals include higher profits, market share, conversions and customer retention
  • You already have a product-market fit
  • You have a committed core team

Models of cooperation

4 ways to work with me

Hands-on company deep dive

3 months to 1 year

Growth hackathon

1 day

agile, hands-on approach to think, solve and act on growth initiatives to explode sales conversion rates

growth camp

2 weeks

focusing on creating strategy that includes acquiring quality traffic, better conversion and customer retention

Growth talks

3 hours

one evening events focused on new customer acquisition and retention

Did you know?

Startups that seek growth mentorship
raise 700% more money,
and enjoy 350% better user growth.

Poor growth management
is the primary reason 90% of startups

72% of startups are forced to pivot
upon realising their initial intellectual
property is not a competitive advantage.

The average startup underestimates
its market validation phase by 200–300%
– and as a result are pressured to grow prematurely.

My areas of expertise include

Accelerator programs

  • Program curriculum
  • Lead mentorship
  • Operations
  • Mentor recruitment
  • Google & Facebook partnership

and organisational structure

  • Annual, monthly and weekly strategic planning
  • KPI strategies and execution
  • Company culture and communication
  • Building and redefining organisational structure
  • Talent mentoring and recruitment strategy


  • Story brand and brand strategy
  • New and existing product launch
  • Growth strategies
  • Business automation / evergreen sales funnels
  • Building sales and marketing funnels

Industries I work with

b2b, b2c, e-commerce, marketplace, direct-to-consumer

  • Health & fitness
  • Fintech
  • Tech
  • Fashion
  • Digital publishing
  • Personal development
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Parenting
  • Agriculture
  • Logistic
  • Real estate
  • and many more

My previous clients include


500 Startups Series A Program Malaysia x 6

500 Startups Series A Program Singapore x 2

500 Startup Growth Camp Malaysia

Misk 500 MENA Accelerator Sudi Arabia

500 Startups Accelerator Program Korea x 3

Serbank Accelerator Program Russia

500 Kobe Accelerator Japan

500 Startups Growth Hackathon Indonesia

MaGIC Accelerator Program

Lituania Startups Week

“She will never cut corners, or go against ethics and principles”

I have known and worked with Justyna for close to 10 years, multiple projects, and two different companies. I have chosen to work with her again and again. She has been delivering in every step across time, and I can always trust her to do what she says she will do, and to do it so well. Her superpowers include cutting through bull***, having the tough conversations, ensuring follow through, and not giving up. She will never cut corners, or go against ethics and principles.
Anyone who is ambitious and results-oriented will be foolish not to have someone like Justyna on their team. Her presence alone upgrades everyone else to be on top of their game. Be ready for a real upgrade in output! a is top choice for my projects that demand just that.

Khailee Ng


500 Startups

“Her delivery always came from a place of empathy and understanding”

Justyna came in at a critical starting point for the 500-Sberbank Accelerator cohort – Week 2 – when seeds of knowledge and insight were falling on a most fertile ground and our mentors were tasked with setting the right tone and a high bar for the remainder of the program.
Justyna’s presence, wise counsel and teaching method not only lived up to this high expectation, but absolutely exceeded it: her lecture on building and deploying a high converting digital marketing funnel was one of the most popular pieces of content delivered among our mentors throughout the program; her workshops on landing page optimization, user journeys, persuasive design, and online experiences that focus on a customer’s intent, taught our class of early stage founders to understand what drives a higher ROI from a product standpoint.
Even more importantly, her delivery always came from a place of empathy and understanding of a startup founder’s journey – a skill that is utterly crucial in working with entrepreneurially-minded people.

Galina Ozgur


500 Startups Moscow Program

"She is one of the most efficient and goal driven professionals I collaborated with"

Had the pleasure to learn, work, advise and partner with Justyna in many ventures. She is one of the most efficient and goal driven professionals I collaborated with, capable of multitasking under pressure like no other (can't emphasize enough here). Single-handedly creating 7 figures generating marketing campaigns, from idea to implementation all the way to scaling and automation. And she did it with a high degree of flexibility, being solution oriented, and taking on extra responsibilities to make sure everything is delivered on time. Seen her constantly improving over the years in the areas of communication, organization, diligence, delegation, which have transformed her into a dedicated leader, invested in growing people around her! Learned a tone from her, business mindset, marketing strategy, and most importantly how to get things done (especially in situations of adversity). If you're looking to grow your business digitally (or start it), J, as i like to call her, is the person to guide your through it! On top of that, she'll throw in a ton of personal advices!

Emilian Vasi

CO Fonder

Rascals Depot

"She is singular in her talent"

I've had the pleasure of working with Justyna now for over a year at 500 Startups in South-East Asia. She is singular in her talent and ability to execute and has earned the deep industry respect she has as one of the most talented distribution and growth hackers in the region. I'm proud to have her as a colleague and always enthused to work with her. Vishal Harnal 

Vishal Harnal

General Partner

500 Startups

"Her determination to get the things done led us to a 50% increase in revenue within 3 months."

I spent 13 weeks with Justyna as a mentor in a training program for post-seed companies. Her ability to assess our needs, her determination to get the things done and her leadership have led us to a 50% increase in revenue within 3 months. Her deep knowledge in marketing and project management helped us to structure our marketing efforts (reporting, content planning, landing pages’ creation, onsite optimization).

Robin Parel

Ex Head of Marketing


"She is without guile, warm and sincere in all of her dealings with us"

Distro Dojo 2016 was an intensive 10 week bootcamp for us. We learned a lot, ran 100 experiments and overhauled our website in 2.5 weeks. Justyna was one of our coaches in Distro Dojo Batch 2 and from the onset, her approach was very professional. With Justyna’s mentorship in 10 weeks, we optimised our conversion funnel and increased our revenue by 221% and CR by 300%. CAC on mobile decreased by 73% and mobile transaction increased by 71%. Building a CPG brand offline is a very expensive endeavor. But empowered with what we’ve learnt in Distro Dojo, we were able to shortcut that process by expanding our presence online. Today, Applecrumby™ (www.applecrumby.com) is the leading premium baby essentials brand for Chlorine-Free Diapers in Malaysia and is now available nationwide through TESCO and AEON stores.  Justyna’s generosity in sharing her knowledge and wisdom in everything related to performance marketing will always be the one thing that endears her to us. She is without guile, warm and sincere in all of her dealings with us and we cannot recommend her services enough. 

Sean Tan


Apple Crumble & Fish

"Justyna is one of the most diligent, committed, and savvy marketers I know"

Justyna is one of the most diligent, committed, and savvy marketers I know. While working with her for 2 years, I learned so much from her. From marketing to productivity to personal growth, I feel so fortunate to have absorbed so much knowledge from her. 
Justyna has a way of conceptualizing a project and making it come to fruition with speed, precision, and success. 
I look forward to being able to collaborate with Justyna in the future. 

Celeste Faye

Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant

Celeste Faye

"Justyna is what Charlie Munger called the "general-specialist"

Justyna is IMMENSE. She's nothing short of high quality both on and off work.
I've worked with Justyna in countless of projects ranging from million dollar product launches to smaller product promotion and she has consistently demonstrated her ability to generate tangible results.
Justyna is a leader, people's champion, problem solver, learner and best of all a person that truly cares, is always listening and be attentive to others' need (a rare quality to have)
Not to mention, Justyna is what Charlie Munger called the "general-specialist". She is not only good at marketing in general, she's an expert in email marketing, product launches, business strategy, project management and many more.
She will be your most valuable assets (assuming you can get her to work with you)   

Nicholas Ho



"If she doesn't know how to do something, she keeps at it until she does"

I worked with Justyna on a variety of Mindvalley's high profile launches and promotions to their list of over 1 million people.
Justyna comes with a diverse skill set. She's a brilliant marketer, people person, problem solver and project manager.
But perhaps her most inspiring strength is that she shows genuine, consistent and infectious passion for her projects and her subordinates.
Justyna is a 'hacker'. If she doesn't know how to do something, she keeps at it until she does. I recall her drawing on this quality numerous times to turn around otherwise mediocre brands and launches.
I would vouch for Justyna as a valuable asset to any organization in need of a hard-hitting digital marketer.

Omar Michael

Chiefe Copywriter


"Justyna has a remarkable talent in marketing"

During the years of Justyna working for Mindvalley, she has grown into one of the most valuable employees we have had. She became a senior partner in Mindvalley and has been in this position until she moved on to work full time in her own business. Justyna has a remarkable talent in marketing, is very thorough and super-productive.   

Kristina Mand Lakhiani

CO Founder

Mindvalley University

"She takes a global view in everything she does"

It would be difficult to put into words just how valuable Justyna's contributions are to her company and to the world. She is one of those rare, almost magical, people who impresses you from the moment you first make contact with her. She has drive, foresight, enthusiasm, dedication, momentum and intelligence. But these words don't even begin to encompass how truly all-encompassing her work is. She takes a global view in everything she does. This extends far beyond the visible horizon. Justyna builds solid business structures that will last and continue to contribute to the world in a multitude of ways long after this lifetime. 

Steve G Jones


Steve G Jones Hypnosis

"Super solid online and digital marketing specialist"

Super solid online and digital marketing specialist, Justyna will not only create great funnels and promotions that your customers will love (but also will sell and make you money) she will do it on time, on budget and with superlative quality. No matter what, if Justyna commits to a deadline you can consider the task done. She was key to Mindvalley's epic growth during my time as COO and key part of the leadership team. You'll join working with her a ton…   

Juan Martitegui



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